1. What is St.Martin like?

The smallest island in the world that has been shared by two nations: Dutch and French and yet having the spirit of mutual friendship for over 350 years. Located at the caribbean, St. Maarten/St. Martin is having exotic beaches and alluring nature view. This island has elegant villas, beaches, restaurants, casinos, duty free shopping and much more making it the most visited vacation spot.

Here you can enjoy the nightlife and casinos that run till dawn, beaches with active water sports, shopping, world class food all at one place. Apart from vacation, it also makes a good place to settle down with facilities like international airport, harbour, local markets offering international food and shopping, proper medical and educational facilities etc. This island also has good value for real estate and you can find st maarten condos for sale affordable, making it a better place to live.

2. Where is Sint.Maarten island located?

Sint. Maarten island is located in the northeast caribbean approximately 300 kms east of Puerto Rico. It is situated between the tropic of cancer and equator. It is midway between Puerto Rico and Guadeloupe at the heart of caribbean sea. This island is 3.5 hours flight from New York, 2.5 hours flight from Miami and 1.5 hours from Caracas and 45 minutes from Puerto Rico. Anguilla, St Barts, Statia, St. Kitts and Nevis are the neighbouring islands.

3. How far is 21 Century Island Realty properties located from the local markets?

We have properties everywhere in the island. If you wish to buy a property with easy access to markets and public places, our agents will help you find one according to your requirements.


1. Where to live in St. Maarten?

St. Maarten is a tiny island shared by two nations having beaches all around. All places in this island are perfectly suitable to live. Whether you prefer beach side places to have a calm and serene ocean view or condos and villas surrounded by marketplace and closer to public life, our agents will help you find a property of your choice. Every stmaarten property have their pros and cons but depending on your requirements, we will look for your perfect home taking your needs as our primary concern.

Island life is sure different from normal city life so if you are ready to experience a surprising new life, then we will help you explain the local problems and how they can solved for a great island life ahead. If you have any queries, you can contact our agents for assistance.

2. What are the differences between Dutch St Maarten and French St Martin?

St. Maarten / St. Martin is a caribbean island shared by Dutch and French for over 350 years now which makes it unique. Here you can find both the culture intertwined yet maintaining their individual cultural heritage too. You can find a lot of differences in terms of living on both sides of the island but best suited for tourist with different needs.

French side is more European whereas the Dutch side is more American.

Euro is the official currency on the french whereas Netherlands Antilles Guilder is for Dutch but US Dollar is also commonly used on both sides. Currency exchange is also simpler.

Philipsburg on the Dutch side get more crowded with the harbour, jewellery shops and high building constructions; Marigot on the french side is famous for up-market boutiques and lovely restaurants.

Dutch side is famous for casinos and nightlife which are noisy and always crowded with parties; French side is famous for restaurants and calm beaches with intact buildings to enjoy calm and pleasant stay.

Although people speak English, the french side is more prominent in speaking French and the dutch side is completely English speaking.

Properties have annual tax and capital gain tax on the french side where as these taxes are not applicable on the dutch side

Dutch side supports offshore corporation investments whereas in the french side, there are few restrictions.

If you are looking for condos surrounded by shops and public access, try the dutch side and if you prefer secluded beach side villas then go for french side.

Whether you like calm living with occasional night life or you prefer social life and party style living with occasional visits to serene beaches, you can choose this island as you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

3. Which is the safest place to live in St Maarten?

Any place in the world has its pros and cons, so as St. Maarten/ St. Martin but if you prefer safety in particular then you can try Oyster pond, Orient bay, Cape coy and the Lowlands but you can also find all the hotels and restaurants are well secured at all time.

4. Which area is the noisiest in St Maarten?

Maho bay area is generally considered as noisy due to the frequent plane crossing all day and partying all night.

5. How eco-friendly is St Maarten?

St. maarten is becoming more eco friendly these days with initiatives like Green arch project from Century21. Green arch is the new eco friendly, affordable and more innovative real estate residential project that contains 22 three-level town houses which are equipped with energy efficient 3D panels, solar panels on the roof, security cameras, waste water treatment for reusing it in landscaping and gardening.

So if you are looking for eco-friendly living, then this is your right destination.

6. Is it easy to import things for relocation?

Yes. Shipping is very easy and most of the ships come from Miami and Toronto. All online stores will ship the product to Miami from which it takes 3-5 days to reach the island. The products you ship are duty free especially all the electronics. So relocation is never a problem in St. Maarten.

7. Are there shops available to buy furnitures and other households in the island?

Yes. You can find a lot of shops that has best quality and uniquely designed furnitures and households. There are also agency suppliers who can help you get all that you need for your dream home.

8. Is there good medical and educational facilities in the island?

The medical facilities are good with trained physicians and there are plenty of hospitals. The educational facilities are intensive, offered by public, private and religious schools. Dutch is the official language taught in public schools but you can also find English private schools both offering good quality education.

Beaches and Guides

1. How many beaches does St Maarten and St Martin have?

Both sides of the island comprises of 37 beaches, one beats the beauty of another. If you are looking for a big one, long bay is the best, Orient bay for partying, Maho bay to watch jumbo jets take off and land so close, Petites Cayes for trekking, Happy bay and Tintamarre for their beauty and untouched charm and lots more to explore.

2. Which is the most popular beach in St Maarten?

Orient bay beach is popular for the crowd and party atmosphere, Mullet bay for having best offshore condition for surfing and Baie rouge or Red bay beach for beach restaurants with pleasant atmosphere for swimming.

3. Are all beaches public?

There are over 37 beaches in St. Maarten/ St. Martin and all are open to the public.

4. Are there any entertainment sports in the beach side of St.Maarten?

Fun is never limited in St. Maarten. You can choose from a variety of entertainment sports that include biking, hiking, surfing, diving, sky diving, parasailing, golf, tennis, horseback riding etc.


1. Is hurricane insurance available?

Yes. Hurricane insurance is available at St. Maarten/ St. Martin and you can get full coverage. A typical policy that covers you in most ever circumstance will cost you between 1 – 2% of reconstruction cost.

2. What is the best time for vacation in St. Maarten?

This tiny island is the nature’s beauty having flat coastal lands and hilly interiors. Throughout the year, the temperature is warm which makes it a perfect tropical destination. The best time for vacation is December to May, the time when all the st maarten holiday villas are reserved in advance. With hurricane out of the picture, you can enjoy events like the Heineken Regatta in March and carnival celebrations from April to May. If you would like to have your vacation at this time then you should book st maarten luxury vacation villas well in advance.

For lower rentals and to avoid crowd, you can opt for St. Maarten villas from july to september where you can experience pleasant weather but you should be prepared to expect rain and hurricane in this season.

3. What is the weather like?

St. Maarten/ St. Martin island is blessed with moderate, warm weather throughout the year though you can expect hurricane sometimes. The temperature ranges from 70 degree to 80 degree which makes the living in st maarten, a pleasure. The weather is dry and temperate between december and April and rest of the year comprises of light rain and hurricane particularly from June to November.


1. What kind of properties does 21 Century Island Realty have?

We provide real estate service to buy, sell and rent properties.

In St.Maarten, we help you buy properties like villas, condos, land, commercial and business properties like restaurants, office buildings, local shops in the main market place etc.

This tourist Island also offers best properties for rentals. You can opt for st maarten long term rentals that include condos and villas with pool and Jacuzzi facilities, vacation rentals that include eye catching condos and oceanside villas, commercial properties that includes warehouses, office blocks etc.

2. How can I find more information on the properties that I’m interested in?

If you are interested to buy or rent any of the property, you can contact our St.Maarten/St. Martin office agents to know more. Click here to connect.

3. Where else do you have properties other than St.Maarten?

We have properties in the nearby islands like Nevis, Statia, Saba, Anguilla, St. Barths and St. Kitts that are filled with nature’s beauty having enchanting villas and vacation spots.

4. Is it good to buy commercial real estate in st maarten?

Although it is a small island, it is one of the best tourist place and if you are planning to start a business or set up a company, you can very well buy or rent commercial properties as we have numerous choices of commercial properties.

5. How can I search for ocean view properties in your website?

Most of our properties are located along the beach side and if you are looking for ocean view properties, you can approach our office agents with specifications. With years of experience in sint maarten real estate, our agents can help you find your dream property.

6. What are the ways by which I can reach you for buying or renting?

If you like any property, you can give us a call to our office at 1-721- 545-5700 or you can write to us at contact@century21islandrealty.com


1. Do I have to be a resident to buy a property in St.martins?

No. St Maarten real estate properties are available for anyone to buy. Even people living outside the island can buy property.

2. What is the process of buying real estate at st maarten?

Buying properties in the Dutch side of the Island is cost effective. The process involves, selecting the property and buying. The property agents can help you find a property as you desire and help you in processing. The civil law notary is responsible for clear title transfer and they will perform the title search for the buyers. So there is no need for title insurance or an attorney. The notary will prepare the documents necessary for sale which should be signed by the buyer and seller. The buyer has to pay one time transfer tax to the government which is around 4% and with the addition of notary fee, it will not be more than 6% from the gross sale price. Once the payment is settled, the buyer gets the ownership and title changes. In french st. Martin, the closing cost and taxes go till 10.25%.

3. what are the documents required to buy a property

If you are buying the property in your name, then you must produce your passport and other pictured identification. If the property is bought in your company’s name, then you should produce article of incorporation and supporting documents to show that your company is in good standing.

4. Is there any annual tax for having property in St. Maarten?

No. There is no annual tax for owning a property in St. Maarten.

5. Do I have to pay initial deposit for the property?

Yes. An initial deposit should be payed which is 10% from the cost of the property.

6. Is investing on long term rental properties safe ?

Yes. You can find a lot of long-term rentals for sale which can be bought and can be let out for rent. This will provide an added income and also you get to use the property after your retirement.


1. Is my physical presence required to sell a property?

No. You can assign power of attorney to anyone who can represent and sign on your behalf.

2. Do I need an attorney or advisor for the process?

No. the civil law notary will take care of the legal documents but you can have an attorney if you want.

3. Is there any capital gain taxes in selling a property?

In St. Maarten, there are no capital gain taxes applicable for the seller whereas on the french st. Martin, capital gain taxes are applicable.


4. How do I sell my property in Dutch St Maarten?

If you would like to list your property in our site, you can reach us through phone or email. Our agents will help you through the process of finding a buyer. When you are selling, the notary will take care of the clear transfer title and prepare the purchase documents. You can receive 10% from the total property cost as initial deposit. There are no capital gain taxes and you need not be physically present for the sale instead someone can sign on your behalf only if you have assigned the power of attorney to them.

5. How do I sell my property in French St Martin??

If you would like to list your property in our site, you can reach us through phone or email to do so. Our agents will help you through the process of finding a buyer. When you are selling, the notary will take care of the clear transfer title and prepare the purchase documents. You can receive 10% from the total property cost as initial deposit. Here capital gain taxes are applicable.


1. How are the prices fixed for long term villa rentals in st. maarten?

The price differ from one property to another based on the decision of the villa owners. However the rental cost is fixed considering the market value, location, size of the villa, amenities, service etc.

2. How are the prices fixed for St. maarten holiday rentals?

The price differ from one property to another based on the decision of the property owners. However the rental cost is fixed considering the market value, location, size of the villa, amenities, service etc. The vacational villa rentals st maarten are usually based on the seasons like low season to high season.

3. What are the services provided for rented villas, condos and commercial buildings?

The long term renting in st. Maarten is quite famous as most people opt for it. The maintenance services can be provided for villas and condos depending on the amenities, property and location. Even in some of the st. maarten commercial rentals, you can have maintenance service available. For further details on your favourite property, talk to our agents to get better understanding on the services.

4. Can you explain the rental cancellation policy?

Usually cancellation fee will be taken from the initial deposit. The percentage of cancellation fee differs from one rental to another based on the number of days.

5. Can I remodel my rental property?

Yes. Long term rental property in st. Maarten can be remodelled easily with the help of expert interior designers available here. Our agents for real estate st maarten rentals will assist you in finding experienced interior designers to satisfy your needs.

6. Are there properties available for rent on weekly basis?

As of now, we do not have any on weekly basis but there are st maarten vacation villas available for rent on monthly basis.


1. What are the closing procedures?

The legal closing procedure is simple. The civil law notary will take care of the purchase documents and title search. The buying amount along with transfer tax and notary stamp cost should be paid. There is no extra capital gain taxes and annual tax for real estate sint maarten whereas the charges apply in French St. Martin properties. Once you sign the purchase documents, you can get the ownership and title transfer.

2. How long does it take to transfer the ownership of the property after buying?

For ownership transfer of St. Maarten villas, St. Maarten condos and commercial properties, it takes around 1 to 2 weeks. In some cases it may take a little longer time of 4 to 6 weeks.

3. Can I take the ownership in my company’s name?

Yes. In the Dutch side you can buy the property in the name of your local company or offshore corporation.

4. What kind of deeds are issued in the Dutch St.Maarten and French St.Martin?

There are 3 kinds of deeds in Dutch St. Maarten :

Fee simple

Government long lease

Private long lease

There is only 1 kind of deed in French St. Martin:

Fee simple.

5. Do I need a residence permit to stay in St. Maarten?

No. You can stay in St. Maarten with a tourist visa for a period of 90 days after which you should stay away from the island for a minimum of 24 hours.



1. is financing available for buying properties here?

Yes. If you are looking at sint maarten real estate for sale and planning to buy, most banks here will offer finance around 50 to 60% of your transaction amount irrespective of your nationality.

2. Will there be anyone to assist in reaching the property?

Our office agents will assist you in all your property needs which includes finding a perfect st maarten luxury villas for sale and your vacation/long term rental needs. If there are any property related concerns, our agents will help you with that.

3. How about the currency exchange in St.maarten/ St. martin?

Euro and Netherlands Antilles Guilder are the currencies used in this island but U.S Dollar is also accepted. The currency exchange is very simple and can be done in local exchange desks, banks and hotels.

Residency By Investment on Dutch St Maarten


Investors can obtain residence permit of the beautiful Caribbean island of St. Maarten by making a Real Estate investment of at least ANG 900,000 (app. EUR 445,000 or USD $550,000) plus payment of the closing costs. Closing cost is approximately 6% transfer fees and it includes the notary stamp and all fees.

Necessary documents for obtaining the residency permit of St. Maarten:

1. Application form (Model I) completely filled out and signed by the investor;
2. Copy of valid Passport (all pages and page with the photo must be colored);
3. Original Birth Certificate, date of issue cannot be older than 3 years legalized or with an apostille not older than 3 years (if this document is not in Dutch or English it must be translated in to Dutch or English by a certified translator and all translations must be legalized with a stamp)
4. Original Police Record not older than 6 months (if not issued in Sint Maarten must be translated into English or Dutch by a certified translator and all translations must be legalized with a stamp);
5. If married, original marriage certificate, date of issue cannot be older than 3 years legalized or with an Apostille not older than 3 years (translated to Dutch or English). Or a detailed registration form from the Census Office (if marriage has been registered at the Census office);
6. School registration letter for the children;
7. If one of the parents of one or more children is staying in the country of origin, the following is required:
a. letter of consent;
b. proof of custody of the children ;
8. Bank references of two international banks whereof one is located in the country of origin (not older than 3 months);
9. A statement by a local bank in which the bank declares the following: “that the applicant has the intention to make a business investment and/or acquire real estate in Sint Maarten with a total value of ANG 900.000,00 (app. EUR 445,000 or USD $550,000). This intention needs to be fulfilled within 18 months.
10. Full proof of the required investment.