~ A humble and happy place ~

Parotte Ville is a walk-in bird sanctuary, housing some of the world’s most beautiful species of birds, beautiful plants and historical artefacts. Parotte Ville serves to amaze, as well as educate each person who visits.

This establishment opened its gates in November of 2015 and has since been doing a great job at bringing out the inner nature lover in each person that visits. When asked what the reason behind the establishment of such a business was, George Parotte, owner and founder of Parotte Ville said: “I just have a passion for birds and decided to take it on as a bigger scale.”

Parotte Ville is home to more than eight species of birds, including Sun Conure, Ring Neck Parakeet, Brown Throated Conure, Black Headed Caique and the Cockatiel. All the birds are tamed, thus they interact with their visitors in a happy and humble manner. Other than the beautiful birds, there are a variety of plants (both flowering and non-flowering) which make up the Botanical Garden. This collection of fauna creates a beautiful and colourful ambience and habitat for the birds. Among the plants grown and cared for are the hibiscus, jasmine, Graines En Bas Feutille, the Tobacco plant and the Monkey Bush.

In Parotte Ville’s compound, there is the small museum that gives you a glimpse of what life was like decades ago and also adds to the rich cultural heritage of St. Maarten. Historical artefacts, such as an old Dutch wall clock, a rum barrel, vintage cameras, an old gun, lamps, and antique telephones are kept on display. “Parotte Ville is a great place. The atmosphere that surrounds you while you’re in there, and the interactions with the birds, give you such a thrill; a thrill that will make you want to go again and again.”

Parotte Ville is located on Bishop Hill Road in Belvedere, SXM and is open from 9:30am-4:00pm daily. For more information, contact 1 (721) 580-8516 or email parottevillesxm@gmail.com

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