Commercial rentals in St. Martin/ St. Maarten have always been in demand, thanks to the increase in business opportunities in this beautiful vacation island. Here, the rate of commercial activities… (Be it simple shops and malls or high class restaurants and multinational companies) …have always had the good fortune of ascending the graph.

No wonder, people don’t hesitate to spend those extra bucks on commercial rental establishments, in spite of the island being a small hermit piece of land!

Let’s take a look at one such commercial rental in the island, from Century 21- POINTE BLANCHE WAREHOUSE. Who knows, you might end up adding it t your list of ‘must go for things before the year end!’

  • Pointe Blanche Warehouse is an affordable commercial rental located in the Point Blanche area of St. Maarten (The Dutch side), available for an alluring price…as cheap as USD $3,000 / Month. It comes with amazing home features and basic facilities such as alarm system, concrete constructionelectricity 110Vgeneratorhurricane shutters, parking etc.

  • Concrete roofing and automatic generator are among the highlights of this property, which makes it apt for commercial purposes.

  • To add that extra touch of security to your business, highly effective alarm systems have also been put in place by the constructors of this man made wonder.

  • This commercial rental sprawls over a large area of 35ftx65ftx20ft. And to add advantage over advantage, it has to be noted that this property is in proximity with all major places in St. Maarten/ St. Martin…such as establishments related to port and harbour activities, among others.

  • And of course, this commercial rental boasts of a large space, which can accommodate 40ft containers with easy parking and access.

Now that was all about Pointe Blanche Warehouse, which in every sense can be declared without even the tiniest drop of doubt, as a true civil engineering marvel. Just take a look for yourself, and own it way before it ends up in someone else’s hands!

So are you ready for it?

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